Our Christmas Offers for 2017

To all Cheese lovers out there!

Don't look any further, we have the perfect cheese offers to make your Christmas memorable this year!

The French Christmas Selection - $58.00 


- Camembert Petit Normand - 150g
A gentle creamy Camembert from Normandie with mushroom-like flavours.
- Le Secret de Compostelle - 200g
A semi hard sheep's milk cheese from the Pyrenees, close cousin to the famous Ossau Iraty, it has smooth roasted nuts flavours.
- Herve Mons Domaine de Bresse Bleu - 200g
A delicious Blue from the Bresse area of France, it is smooth and balanced in flavour with an unctuous texture.
- Farmgate Crispbread - 100g
These light wafers are the perfect vessel to bring a mouth full of cheese from the board to your mouth!
- Farmgate Pear & Calvados Mini Jam - 40g
The perfect match with your Camembert, this Normandie-style jam will also compliment your semi hard and blue cheeses.




The Cheesemongers' Christmas Selection - $99.00 


- Holy Goat La Luna Barrel - 110g
A soft zesty goat's cheese made in Victoria with organic milk and vegetarian rennet. The perfect cheese to start your platter with!
- Jean Grogne Triple Cream - 200g
This luscious French triple cream cheese is very decadent and indulgent but not as salty as other triple cream cheeses. It has a smooth buttery mouth feel and is perfect with Sparkling wine!
- Brebirousse Petit - 125g
This delightfully oozy cheese is a mild washed rind made with 100% sheep’s milk from the Argental region of France.
- Pave du Nord - 200g
This beautiful orange hard cheese is produced in the North of France, aged for about a year by affineur Herve Mons, its crumbly texture melts on the tongue liberating salty toffee-like flavours!
- La Peral Blue - 200g
This Blue from Northern Spain combines cow & sheep's milks for a smooth texture and balanced flavours with a salty finish that lingers and call for a good sherry!
- RHC&L Lavosh - 100g
A packet of our house made lavosh sprinkled with mixed seeds.
- Apricot & Almond Compote - 120g
A fruity compote that will add a sweet note to your cheeses
- RHC&L Honeycomb - 30g
Made by our Pastry Chef, these golden bits of honeycomb will look amazing on your platter and go very well with the Jean Grogne!




The Deluxe Christmas Selection - $139.00 


- Jacquin Rond de Tradition - 150g
The furry rind of this French goat's cheese is lightly ashed, its smooth texture will coat your mouth with clean, zesty flavours.
- Truff 3 Latti - 200g
Brand new to Australia, this semi soft cheese hails from Piedmont in Italy where it is made by combining goat, sheep & cow's milks. The gentle milky flavours are beautifully complimented by the rich earthiness of truffle mixed through the pate of the cheese.
- Hummingbark - 150g
Made by the Carrigbyrne family in County Wexford, this cheese is the Irish twist on the classic Mont d'Or. Matured in spruce bark, this earthy washed rind cheese is so soft that it can be eaten with a spoon.
- Marcel Petite Comte Symphonie - 200g
This new addition to our Cheese Room range shows the perfect balance you should expect from an amazing Comte: a touch of nutty sweetness, a rich developing savouriness, a buttery texture that melts on the tongue.
- Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper - 200g
This matured, gouda-style cheese is produced in the Netherlands. Made from pasteurized sheep's milk, it is aged for about 6 months. Flavours are sweet and butterscotch-like with roasted nuts undertones.
- Neal's Yard Dairy selected Colston Bassett Stilton - 200g
Don't look any further as this is the best Stilton you can get in Australia! Selected by Neal's Yard Dairy in London, it is made using traditional animal rennet and matured to perfection to retain a milky tang alongside the characteristic salty blue veins.
- The Fine Cheese Co. Charcoal Squares - 125g
These little squares of cruncky goodness will add a bit of umami to your cheese degustation.
- Fig Compote - 120g
A fruity yet tart compote that will add texture and sweetness to your platter.


The cut-off date for ordering our Christmas Offers is Sunday 17th December.
Parcels will be sent from Monday 18th onward and pick ups will be available from the same date.
Please make sure you are logged into our website to get your discount applied for cheese club members.

If you have any special delivery requirements please ring us on 03 9421 2808 or email us  thecheeseclub@rhcl.com.au

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