Bethmale de Chevre

Goat's milk, Semi Hard - Ariege, FRANCE

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Bethmale is named after the village where it is made in the region of the Comté de Foix in the Pyrénées mountains of Southern France. Legend has it that Bethmale was a favourite of Louis VI's after he tasted it during a visit to the region in the 12th Century.

There are goat, cow, and mixed-milk versions of the Bethmale; the goat’s version is buttery and nutty, with notes of toffee, hazelnut and hay. It has a tanginess and subtle sweetness which tends to linger in the mouth.
It is semi-hard, uncooked with a pressed curd, and has few uneven pea-sized holes. Its naturally-forming rind is brushed and turned, at six weeks of age the cheese is moved from the maker to the maturing tunnel of French Affineur Hervé Mons.

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