A smooth semi hard cheese from Herve Mons

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Gabietou is a washed rind cheese made from a blend of milk from Holstein cows and Basco Béarnaise sheep. It is made in the mountainous Pyrénées region of France, where the tradition of taking the animals to higher pastures in the warmer weather allows them to graze on unique flowers and grasses. The peak season is November to July. The cheese was created in 2001 by Gabriel Bachelet. He uses a slow coagulation method and then presses the uncooked curd, thus retaining a reasonable amount of moisture.

Hervé Mons selects cheeses when still young and matures them to completion. Inside the pale orange rind, the texture is supple giving a creamy mouthfeel. The aroma is milky with hazelnut notes. The flavour is well balanced, with a nutty quality and sweetness from the sheep milk that lingers long.

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