L’Artisan Marcel

Organic ow's milk, White Mould - Geelong, VICTORIA

L’Artisan Marcel (180gr) - $13.50
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Third generation French cheese maker Matthieu Megard uses organic milk from a single herd of Jersey cows grazing by the great ocean road to make his range of cheeses commercialised under the name L’Artisan.
Longing for the traditional cheeses of the French Alps where he grew up, Matthieu set out to make cheeses that reflected the local Victorian terroir whilst capturing the essence of some of France’s most loved cheeses. The result is a range of handmade, organic cheeses of character with strong flavours and distinct personalities.

Inspired by French St Marcellin, a little soft cheese served in a terracotta pot from South East France, ‘Marcel’ is L’Artisan’s latest creation!
Geotrichum mould ripples surround this small cow's milk cheese and slowly breaks it down to a dense, sticky texture as it ripens. If you prefer a gentle lactic acidity to a soft and sweet profile, try the cheese when still young and slightly firm.

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