Le Secret des Lys

Surface Ripened White Mould - Cow’s milk - Franche-Comté, FRANCE

Le Secret des Lys (170gr) - $12.00
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Calendar Cheese Company in Melbourne worked with one of their French distributors during the year to come up with an alternative cheese for St Marcellin, which is sadly no longer being exported to Australia. St Marcellin, named after the small town of the same name in Isère, is today made exclusively from unpasteurised milk which prevents us from importing it.
The substitute Calendar found is called ‘Le Secret des Lys’ and is made near the village of Cléron high in the mountains of Franche-Comté by the Perrin family. This fragile, soft and creamy cheese is matured in a small ceramic dish. It has a silky texture and can easily be compared to St Marcellin in flavour. A coat of Geotrichum mould forms a protective layer around the cheese and develops small flecks of blue and grey mould as the cheese reaches full ripeness.


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