Mont Vully Reserve Noir

Cow's milk, Alpine-style Hard - Fribourg, SWITZERLAND

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Ewald Schafer is the proud owner of the Fromagerie Schafer. After completing a cheesemaker apprenticeship, he attended an Agricultural College and specialised in dairy farming. In 1991, he graduated with an engineering degree and as cheese-making is his passion, he did not look for an office job, but kept an eye open for a small business which he could run on his own and where he could put his ideas into practice. In 1993, him and his family took over the village dairy in Cressier, between Morat and Fribourg in Switzerland.

Vully Noir is the ‘Reserve’ version of the Mont Vully cheeses made by Ewald Schafer, it is aged at least 6 months longer than the ‘Classique’ Vully Rouge. Washed regularly with local Pinot Noir and brine, Vully Noir has a more piquant but not sharper taste, a firmer texture and a darker rind. The flavours are clearly those of Alpine cheeses with notes of cured meat and caramelised onions, a deliciously moreish cheese.

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