Queso de Cabra

Goat's milk, Hard - Toledo, SPAIN

Queso de Cabra (250gr) - $16.25
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Queso de Cabra is a pasteurised Spanish goat’s milk cheese made in the region of Montes de Toledo by Quesos Corcuera, a family business that’s specialised in the making of traditional goat and sheep’s milk cheeses since 1947. The goats in this region graze on rich grass and wild herbs, producing a flavourful cheese.

This cheese has a nearly bone white interior and closed texture with small cavities. While it is made with goat's milk, it does not have the tangy flavour characteristics associated with young goat's cheese. The flavour profile is more complex, with aromas of late hay and a background that is slightly salty and spicy, to a buttery and nutty finish.

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