It's Autumn and we have some beautiful Mauri Artavaggio in the Cheeseroom right now.

Artavaggio is a washed rind cheese from the Robiola family of Italian washed rinds. You may know Taleggio which is the most famous member of this family. Artavaggio is softer, and slightly more intense than Taleggio.


Like its big brother Taleggio, Artavaggio is ripened in a pure and totally natural environment, inside caves carved into the mountainside which lie just below the snow line for most of the year. As the snow melts it dribbles through cracks in the rocks. This provides just the right amount of humidity and cool airflow to encourage wild yeasts present in the environment to grow on the rind. Sadly, global warming is causing some concern to the makers at Mauri as the snow line creeps higher and further away each year and less moisture makes its way into the caves. But we shall not despair just yet…the cheese is as good as ever and is still a favourite in the RHCL Cheeseroom.



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