Summer Cocktails now at RHCL!

Cocktails now including chai, chocolate & a little bit of magic!!

New Summer Cocktails


Chai Martini Vodka, soy milk, cinnamon syrup, chai & cinnamon sugar  
Strawberry & Basil Mojito Strawberry liqueur, vodka, fresh basil, fresh strawberries & sugar syrup  
Chocolate Love Drambuie, kahlua, baileys, franjelico & chocolate syrup on ice with chocolate sprinkles  
Apple Pie Vodka, fresh apple, apple & lemon juice & cinnamon syrup  
Monty's Magic Montenegro, averna, vanilla infused vodka, fresh orange & sugar syrup  
Lemon Meringue Lemon infused vodka, lemon juice, vanilla & sugar syrup, egg white & a mascherino cherry

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