The Cheese Room

We have carefully selected a range of 'benchmark' cheeses that we mature and care for in our Cheese Room. Selection is important, and we work very closely with small dairies in Australia and overseas to find the best and most interesting cheeses!

A visit to Richmond Hill Café and Larder is not complete without popping in to the cheese room where our passionate Cheesemongers will introduce you to our range of carefully selected benchmark cheeses from all over the world. Our Cheesemongers are passionate about service and cheese education, come in to the cheese room where they will advise and educate you on our best eating cheeses and how to serve and care for your cheeses. You may even leave with an interesting ‘cheesy’ story to pass on to your friends and family!


As well as stocking a wide range of Cheese and Larder products we also mature cheeses in our purpose built Fromagerie. Our Fromagerie is temperature and humidity controlled to ensure our cheeses have the optimum facility in which to ripen and mature until our Cheesemongers think they are ready for your cheese board!


Cheeses are a seasonal product and as such we vary our range to best compliment the season. Many of the cheeses we sell are hand-made and matured, varying a great deal in taste as the seasons change. Ask your Cheesemonger to recommend something that is ‘a pointe’ and they will point you in the right direction!


If you are looking for a particular cheese and you cannot find it in our online shopping selection call us on (03) 9421 2808 and we will see what we can source for you. It may even be on its way to us already!


If you cannot come to the shop on a regular basis why not ask about our online shopping service, or join The Cheese Club. Not only can we deliver wonderful cheeses to your door Australia wide, but Cheese Club members also receive 10% off all purchases at Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder (excluding functions and vouchers).

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